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Eliminates offensive odors including them caused by smoke, RV's and skunks.

Amidax Trading Group
Non toxic gel abosrbs and eliminates odors.

AP Products
Gum removal tool for high traffic commercial locations

Pocket sized pooper scooper for the removal and safe disposal of canine feces from public ways, parks and yards.

Easy-to-maintain dispensers with environmentally friendly plastic bags for dog waste.

Envirocon Technologies
Manufacturing environmental safe products for care of septic tanks, cleaning hard water stains and many other residential, industrial, and commercial applications
Stocks a variety of cleaners

Glason Cleaning Chemicals
Australian dealer of pet products, sealants and odour control chemicals

Gutter Ease
A revolutionary reaching tool designed to clean your gutter, meaning leaves are never going to be a bother again.

Jet Stream Sole Cleaner
Jet Stream Sole Cleaner removes mud from your shoes using standard household water pressure.

Just Rite Cleaning Products, Inc
Cat or dog urine odor and stain removal kit.

The Kookaburra Company has formulated an innovative woolwash. Drawing on technologies used in tanneries and woollen mills, Kookaburra sheepskin shampoo and woolwash is unique in it’s ability to revitalise and soften while thoroughly cleaning.

We manufacturer a line of low maintenance, affordable and popular pet waste bag dispensers. Our easy-to-use bags dispensers hold up to 600 bags.

Life's Great Products
The home of Poop-Off Bird Poop Remover and products for retraining cats and dogs from using your floor as their place to go potty.

Locke Pet Supplies
Offers the products you'll need to keep your pet, pet areas and home clean and odor-free.

Mac's Best Friends Merchandise
Mac's Best Friends features the following canine products: Connectin Herbal Joint lubricant, PoochPads Protective Mats, Pet Travel Gear & life Jackets, Plush Puppies Puzzle Toys and Sweet Dreams Pet Pillows.
We sell air freshener dispensers and fragrant refills. Each dispenser can cover 1,000 sq ft rooms and can be used in both home and business applications. It works 24/7, not every 15 minutes like many other dispensers.

Mylan Enterprises
Pads for pups and older incontinent dogs to protect your fabrics and carpet

Nature's Distributor
We distribute natural and environmentally safe products. Our most popular product is CEDAR-ÄL Spray obtained from steam distillation of cedar woods.

Odorless products that are natural to help you clean and deodorize your home, along with helping us keep your pets odor free.

Odor B Gone
Offers spot, stain, and odor removers

Odor Destroyer
Don't just mask pet urine problems. Destroy them! Odor Destroyer is the permanent solution to you pet odor problem.

Pet odors and urine odors easily removed from carpet and upholstery

Old West Snake Oil
Unique blend of NATURAL OILS and WAXES specially formulated to preserve antiques.

Natural environmentally friendly biodegradable specialty products

Pet Etiquette
Pet odor control for dog & cat breath, urine & stinky litter box odors.
Removing pet odor caused by urine, feces, and vomit. Also from carpets, upholstery and clothes.

Planet Urine
Pet stain and odor removal products.

PureAyre breaks the molecular bonds of odor-causing chemicals,which eliminates odors and their harmful toxins.

Purrfectly Fresh Pet Odor Eliminator
Remove pet odors caused by cat urine, dogs and other small animals.

Scoop And Sack It
A pet waste removal tool invented by a 10 year old. It features a telescoping handle and uses free plastic grocery bags.

Scooper Doggie
Environmentally safe and disposable pooper scooper made from re-cycled paper-board.

Orange Glo and OxiClean products as seen on TV, plus Purr-fection stuffed animals.

Tech-Polish is your best Cleaners, Finish Protects, Sealers, and Polishers in the auto body, home and paint industry.

Sells automotive and firearm chemical treatments. Includes descriptions and prices of products, with ordering information.

Tennessee Mountain Air
We have the highest quality fragrances to match our sleek, quality air freshening units.

Traditional Beeswax Furniture Polish from Cambridge Traditional Products
Cambridge Traditional Products producers and suppliers of natural beeswax furniture polish.

Dog waste sanitary bag for carrying both empty and filled plastic bags. External pocket for dog treats.

All natural, safe and effective odor eliminators. Made from 100% zeolite mineral.

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